Monday, October 8, 2012

When days take for things to sink in...

Being ambitious is easy when all you do is dream and the next day is back to snoozing the alarm for the nth time so you are late for work for the nth time and for the nth time you decide you’ll change your ways. Or atleast this stands true for me.
Not ever since I remember, but ever since I became aware of the possibility of actually going someplace which wasn’t inside Bombay, I have wanted to travel. It could be any place. In the past few years I have done a lot of travelling (even if it has been confined to Bombay-Pune and around Pune. Or Kanha). And recently it was Turkey. Which I am not going to be tired of telling people about. It is part of a dream coming true. What after 2 people from the group having to cancel their plan at the last minute, 5 visit to the embassy to finally get the visa done, additional miserly behavior to have enough money in the bank to not have to be miserly when we reach Turkey.
I have clearly forgotten the exact route we followed. I remember what I saw – fluffiest, bluest sky ever, cleanest bluest beaches ever, oldest driest ruins of the oldest Greek-Roman times, the Mediterranean from up the sky – paragliding can give you a mighty scare, Cappadokya from up the sky – height matters when some guy might need to pick you and drop inside the balloon’s basket, the clean whitest valleys where falling on your butt is quite a possibility followed by local lemon mint flavored ice-cream which leaves you dizzy with joy.
And being placed on the map. Each shopkeeper would pluck you out from the surrounding and play lets-see-if-i-know-what-place-on-earth-do-you-aliens-come-from. Which was quite laughter inducing.
The sounds (or lack of honking which you’d notice if you live in a crowded city), food (its not plain boiled! Yay!), colours (the skies varying at every possible chance, the overcoat & scarf clad local ladies, white valleys..exhausting to recollect), and the yummiest desserts you could imagine which ensures you don’t loose even a gram when you come back home.
This is my haphazard but not half hearted recollection of the best journey yet. May the gods of travelling be nice to me for ever and ever and ever.

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