Sunday, April 10, 2011


I stand at that point
where yesterday seems so ancient
where tomorrow is so far
where each smile is so painful
soul strewn with scars.

There is light at the end of the tunnel
they say.
There is hope they say
for all that you want to come true
all that we live with for.

It is never so easy
to be carefree
to be like the bird in the sky.
To keep that smile lightened
to be what you want.

Struggle is a part of life they say
why not it should be, they ask.
Where are they when you need them
understand you without a word spoken.

(PS: Toothache, headache and ulcer on tongue with travel plans with these is not good)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cricket 2011

Tons of blogs out there who would give you the perfect analysis of the past, what was wrong, how it was the right time to win, etc etc etc. I am just happy to have watched the victorious six that Dhoni struck to mark the win.

The last match i remember watching before this World Cup was the 2003 final. India V/s Australia. Everyone had their fingers crossed and then the first over happened. And that was it. I did not see a match again. Not a single one. Until this year.

Living in a household of 4 females, I think i know how Dad felt when we did not let him watch the matches. Slowly, i learned from him and actually started liking it. Now its only poor Mom who does not watch cricket. Fans are a majority.

Just a little wish, let us retain the cup for another 4 years after these 4 years pass off :)