Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When they thought

"You don't understand. There are miles and miles between us."
"But distance is really so trivial!"
"How did you manage to think there could be any outcome of this. We met on a social network. We haven't even met and there are bleak chances of we ever meeting in real."

And she was left wondering if distance really was that big a problem. How hard would it be to fly to his city and meet. Only if would just agree. Also, there was this minor issue of his words not showing any emotions. They had never had a voice conversation. But that never seemed a problem. She had fallen head over heels on his words. They were dark, complicated, not ever giving away what he was thinking. It had taken some time for her to get him to reply to her. Hr was opaque. Always on the edge, ready to snap. A challenge really. But of-course it did not stay a light pursuit for a long time. She wasn't known for keeping emotions at bay. And it had happened again.

Earlier it had happened with the one who would send her virtual sunflowers. Since she didn't have any favourite flower. And sunflower seemed good enough as an answer when he had asked her her favourites list. And they laughed. And she got one everyday. Until the day she told him and he reminded her the distance. Distance the first time. Distance always.

Wasn't it supposed to be a small world?

[typos fixed. Result of a slower day.]

Friday, February 10, 2012


Moh laaga rey tohsey piya,
mann bikhaare hai yaad.

Naina taakey aakaas ko,
bairaagan hui main,
aur tu naa jaaney naam mera.

Paraan saanso se bandha hai,
saans bandhe hai tohsey.
Tu toh chala jaata hai,
aangan se morey, bin batiyaae.

Peedh iss jagg se aur mila na kuch dooja.
Tu bhi aa daan kar, thodey aur dukh de badha.

Monday, February 6, 2012


She remembers not what it was
She knows not what would be there
She smiles and looks at the void
Imagined shadows playing seek.

She went about without a thought
They asked her to worry
They knew not she worried but she didn't know
She smiled at them and hid in the seeking shadows.

They told her of others who they wanted
She did not hear the words
She lived in their voices
She smiled at them and nodded.

She wondered of death
She did not know what to feel
She dreamt of screams
Of bloodied splashes on the wall
She knew not what the shadows asked.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Freshly rinsed and yet to dry

So then, using a collection of words that someone has used earlier isn't getting me behind bars, right?

Back to the point, i.e. home after

Manori [ferry, rickshaw, train, cab] Pune [cab] Panchgani [cab] Mahabaleshwar (being touristy) [cab] Panchgani [bus] Pune [train] Jabalpur [bus] Mandla [bus, gympsy] Kanha National Park [bus] Jabalpur [train, train, rickshaw] Home

That was the past few days worth of not being home, not working, taking a break, running around, being disconnected (mostly), taking a safari through a jungle, things cancelled due to unseasonal rains(!), watching deers and langoor early morning, going to another state, another city where a mall saved us our bladders and let us spend time bowling, playing around and wondering if we travelled so far to hang out in a mall(!) before the train back to home.

Well, it was quite fun. And funnier was our bad luck being ahead of us two hundred steps at every point.

The incidence of a constable asking us if we were college kids (since all the noise we people made), and told us to stfu (when we replied in the negative), won't be forgotten.

Some pictures below (phone cameras were used & the animals are missing since they don't allow phones to click pics inside the jungle)