Monday, August 23, 2010

Yeah I wear a Hijab, it does not make me your Khala

So just coz I dress in a particular way makes me illiterate or dumb?
Why do we stereotype?
Why do we judge?
Why do we tell others to do things that we are not doing ourselves?
Why the hypocrisy?

Is it so difficult to be not opinionated?
Is the first impression always the last? Can we change it?

Can't we just live and let others live.

Many questions, no answer in sight. I better prepare for the week ahead. *sigh*

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is it just me

or there are others too who feel the pinch when you go out shopping.

So i had these 3000 Rs. voucher for SS that was a reward from the firm for my good work (woopiee). Went shopping with mom and sis. Why couldn't they give me the cash! Mannn i could have bought so many Kurtis and Ts from FS or Hill Road.

I wonder if ever the mall culture takes over Mumbai, mera kya hoga! I don't like spending on brands. I keep on changing handbags and sandals often. Splurging on brands, i won't be able to get the next bag in 1 month. Salary doesn't allow me to do that :(

Anyways, clothes don't make you, one needs to have the personality to carry off whatever they are wearing.

I bought two coffee mugs instead. I hoard them!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I wanna be chick on wheels


In the bid of getting drenched in the rains, we planned to go to Malshej Ghats. Its an amazing place. 3 bikes, 6 people. Only i dont know how to drive one. Ree drove the Suzuki and Niki drove the Kinetic for most of the part.
Lame me, i can't ride a bicycle. *shame*

9 hours of travel to enjoy an hour of getting wet, in the rain alright.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Polka dots and solid fills

I loved gazing at the people walking to the station and all the colourful, plain, new, old umbrellas they had with them while it poured while I sat atop the table in our shop enjoying being alone and loving every bit of it.

That was years ago, before we moved out from the chawl into an apartment.

The chawls were fun to live in. Most of the weekends we would be playing hide & seek all afternoon or wait for hours to rent that little cycle that I could ride for 2 buck an hour.
During monsoon we all would get soaked to the marrow and eat bhutta.

I feel lucky to have grown up in one of them. We had a garba pandal setup by a friends grandpa, the wadi had Ganpati pandal every year. I learned to make rangoli too! And on Eid, the entire neighbourhood would come to our house to eat sewiya or for the yummy mutton mom cooked on Bakra Eid.
We played Holi, burst crackers in Diwali, though i hated the loud sound they made.

The city has become more rigid now. Its not how I want to remember it. I find myself wishing abandon this city and find a new nest. I don't like that thought. I love this city of my birth. The place that gives me the freedom to feel safe even at midnight. Or when i have to leave house at 5:30 in the morning and walk 20 minutes to the railway station. I did not feel it while I was in some other city for some time.

And I love the rains! =)