Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is it just me

or there are others too who feel the pinch when you go out shopping.

So i had these 3000 Rs. voucher for SS that was a reward from the firm for my good work (woopiee). Went shopping with mom and sis. Why couldn't they give me the cash! Mannn i could have bought so many Kurtis and Ts from FS or Hill Road.

I wonder if ever the mall culture takes over Mumbai, mera kya hoga! I don't like spending on brands. I keep on changing handbags and sandals often. Splurging on brands, i won't be able to get the next bag in 1 month. Salary doesn't allow me to do that :(

Anyways, clothes don't make you, one needs to have the personality to carry off whatever they are wearing.

I bought two coffee mugs instead. I hoard them!

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