Thursday, September 29, 2011

Zaroori toh nahi.

Socha key kahein tumse
Ho kyu bhala tum ghumsum
Chahat kuch aur hai, milna uska koi zaroori nahi
Mohabbat tum kiye jao, woh bhi karey zaroori nahi.

Ashqon ko dekh tumharey
Dil uska bhi dukha hoga, zaroori nahi.
Par ashq tum na bahao uske khayaal mein, zaroori nahi.

Khwabon ko buna tumne, sehem ker, sambhaal ker.
Koi tod na de unko, zaroori nahi.
Per tum armaanon ko apney, seeney mein dabaye rakho, zaroori nahi.

Aaina sach kehta hai, aisa sab kehte hain
tum apni sachayi badlo
Logon ki sachayi ko apni sachayi banao
Aisa bhi toh zaroori nahi.

Woh tumhe yaad karey, zaroori nahi
Tum ussey bhool jao, zaroori nahi.

Monday, September 26, 2011

"Men are from Mars, Women from Venus" and I am a Plutonian

Title in quotes, cuz its not mine (ofcourse you know that).
I will be digress every second sentence.
You can quit reading already.

So if men and women come from different planets, it does prove there are other intelligent species in this unoverse. They made a rocket centuriesx100 yrs ago and shooed them away cuz they were inferior. I am still working on the theory behind the 3rd gender.

(Also there will be typos & grammar shall be non existent).

I am going to act like some neutral, knowitall alien here.

So yeah, the point of this post is supposed to be about how both genders get taken for a ride by the other gender. How noth genders do have examples of folks who will stick to you like super glue, loving you all theor lige. How both.feel the other is a not understanding anything type.

So you got my point?

Lets start with, girls look only for rich guys. Err, I take it on the same level of assholiness like saying women's real place is under the footwear of the guy. No, there is no analogy there. Dont guys look for the hottest, prettiest girl around? But we know its not true for all. I know guys who have taken money from their girls (that bloody ex of my sister has still nor returned my money). Another very pretty girl friends boyfriend (looks like a bull) had not returned hwr money. Another boy friend of mine was very patient with his ex who wasnt sure if dhe wantwd to stay with the now ex or the one she exed before being with this ex.

All I am saying is, we dont really need to generalise things about anything about anyone. It hurts us not so pretty, skinny types, cuz hello you say all the nice girls fall for the bad boys & nice ones we look for are the ones the pretty lady left behind. Erm, did you look back at the girl who smiled at you,maybe not the hottest one in town but who took trouble to make you smile. Yes, she is a nice girl who would be waiting to be wooed..

This is a general observation. You are welcome to agree, disagree, not care or whatever.
My station is here & I am running late.

You did read this, dincha.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Of battered soles and numbness

We are in a minivan returning back to Pune, I am dreading tomorrow (its a Monday & I am tired). We (colleagues, ex team mates, someones room mates, etc) went to a colleagues village in Konkan. The travel comprises of driving through the ghats, I still don't know the names and might never remember. My role in these trips are of the gawking audience, female who is at the tail end of a trek, prone to accidents, nagging everybody about the time, etc etc. Yes, I am like that at times (ie most of the times).
Those who follow me on twitter and actually read what I tweet may or may not remember my sprained ankle, skinned knee, and a disintegrating sandal. Issue with the shoe happened since I did not know I would end up in Pune for more than 3-4 days and I use and kill one pair of shoes at a time.
I asked people to get backup shoes for me since the entire week has been crazy with 14-15hrs at work. For many it might not seem a big deal but for me it is. I prefer to not have a life staying at home rather than not having a life at work. I will sleep or watch movies or talk/tweet, thankyouverymuch.
So about the backup shoes, someone got me flipflops which I broke in 15mins of walking. That was after we had reached the village, it was twilight time and we went to see his village school. Flipflops in hand, covered the mucky track, went there and we walked some more to the edge of the hill. This village is on the hills. We could see the river running below. But it was late and I was supposed to cook biryani and it was getting late. Ended up walking barefoot, through the stony road. Flinching and saving myself from falling.
These people ended up telling each other ghost stories, while 3 of us ladies were too tired to keep up with them.

Today, borrowed grandma's slippers to walk to the river. Half way the sole was lost. By the time we reached the river, broke the thumb grip of the second slipper. Woot. The time spent in the fast flowing river was much fun. We went up to a small dam like structure where the water whipped on our bodies. I spent sitting under it for dont know how long, hesd under the falling water. Couldnt feel my shoulders after some time, ears blocked.
Sush gave me his slippers to walk back which I managed to break. Walked barefoot. Again.


Pasarni Ghat

I was asked to tent up here cuz i won't climb up the waterfall

That was the waterfall

That is the river, stoned river

on the way

I liketh this the best.

Whats cooking

On the way to the river.

That is blinding green

The river

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Forgotten yet?

Stirring leaves, rustling features
Nature sounded cheerful
"then why does not my heart
wish to smile"
She thought and gazed,
trying to not think of him.
Memories packed, shut
in the old corners of thoughts.
Left to decay. Turning to ashes.
Lost, to not knowing what passes through her
why do eyes feel the hurt of the sun.
Fogged vision, she touches to find a tear drop
"Maybe my fear of losing led to the loss"
"Maybe he does remember me"
"Maybe we had another chance"
Questions gnawing the soul
breaking the dead spirit to pieces.
The smile eclipsed forever
She waits for the end and wonders of the maybe's
trying to not think of him.