Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rustling thoughts

While the dream lasted, it felt all so real
To realise that the glimpse of the burning candle
Was the sun setting across the horizon.
The thoughts were bright & colourful.
Playing in the spring foilage with the blooming flowers.
Where laughter was easy to come
Looking at the butterflies & fireflies.

What is real, is it a nightmare
To which I have woken up
Or did I sleep.
Where the sounds weep.
Thorns adorn the weary traveller's path. Nothing ever as was before.

Life and its tragedies, living beyond
The shore. Of expectations & returns.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Building thoughts around wishes
Creating smiles around these thought
I am in love with them
They don't deny me that happiness
which these open eyes make me see
To be not possible, to be not real
To be mere dreams.

I am bound to fall
To have skinned my wishes' knees
To have my heart shattered into thousands of pieces
To have cried myself to sleep
To have woken up
when the bird won't cheer me
But what is a day without an accident, what is a life without incidences.

I carve my path along the way
I am the traveler and the destination
I walk along, looking for what to find
Trying to find who am I
I will never find me
But I will have my heart lost to you
When on our intersection, you are a part
Of my way.

I smile, teary eyed. I carry your thought with me.