Friday, February 15, 2013

i found a piece

found myself a part of me,
in a mosaic, of broken waves,
and shores of gold.

i found myself, a part of me,
in the tinted orange skies,
of a winter morning,
and chattering teeth.

looking at the swing, found myself,
the park of forgotten childhood,
evenings & the fountain of a rushing day.

the shops across the road,
run around the alleys of vacations,
the simmer of the parched earth,
i found myself under a banyan tree.

outside the bus, window i found,
me on the road so wide, staring afar,
in the past of spring noons,
sparkling sunrays.

While the boat wobbled, on the oceans,
wide & blue, i saw below,
the bottomlessness,
i found myself a part of me.

the cobbled road, the centuries carrying brick,
steeped into the past, the crinkled faced,
a stranger's smile found me,
a part of me for me.

i saw myself, at the other end,
the reflection in your eyes,
dipped in chocolate. Smiling mischief,
sipping tea on a sunny day.

i did find a part of me.