Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Men, uff.

I have a complicated relation with men which varies from I love them, I love them a lot, oh so much love, stop being annoying love, and get lost. Even though many of the close guy friends doubt me when I check out the fairer sex along with them, I am pretty sure I like men more. Is it due to the fact that I get along with them better or that since I am usually more around men so I get along better with them.

The best friend is a guy and also it was a guy who displaced me from being the first rank holder in class 5. I'll never forget you Rajesh. It was Raj who would tease me crazy with a Jungle book character's name since it rhymes with mine. And the only I love you i ever got to hear was by a guy who I ignored & ran away from since thats what a 10yr old girl would do when an 11yr old cutest guy ever says to you.

And lately its men who are being pricer than the kohinoor who are driving me nuts. It is very difficult to stay unaffected by intelligent, cryptic, emotionally/geographically unavailable men.

They have left me grinning silly at the screens of various monitors, cellphones, opaque windows with their words. Sleepless, wide awake in the middle of the night.

There was this not-too-much-talker who I never talked to what with him being swamped by every pretty girl in college who would make you feel like a total behenji. The BEST bus tickets come with digits which we would add up & then any cute guy who's name would start with alpahabet that it corresponded with was ohhed and aahed about. These brooding kinds are such a hit.

Then there are the charming, will listen to all what you have to say, will send flowers (virtual ones count too), again hit amongst all the ladies around (some of the girls would even be crying in their pillows every night each night), who will be good in everything they do. They read only as prescribed by the government but still seem to know it all. They'll never be serious. And then its someone next for them.

Moving on to them who are all as messy with their emotions as a girl. They get emotional for any girl who tells them their sob story, they'll be nice with everyone, they'll get dumped by their girlfriends for someone else for unknown reasons, and they are much of a sweetheart.

The emotionally unavailable come with dillemmas since they don't seem to be sure or clear what makes them emotionally unavailable. Geography can be worked upon but that takes first place in the "top 10 reasons why I am going to be aloof, stubborn, difficult, ambigious with you". It also lists down "women from the past who were the one and I can't seem to move on" as a very important reason. They'll give you sleepless nights & open eyed nightmares, you'll be pulling your hair in frustation while trying to convince yourself that it might work or might not work out depending on what time of the day you were daydreaming about them. Daytime tend to be optimistic while as the days business (busyness) slips into the plain dark canvas of night you would be on the edge of your bed questioning your sanity.

You see, every last fall makes the next one more easier. To fall gets easier but not when it comes to getting over.


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