Monday, July 23, 2012


This far away gaze,
This silent whimper,
This furtive thought,
Touches the fingers and turns to vapour.
This ominous fog, my breathe leaves
Blurred words, their lifespan just a blink.
I sit near the window, my home for the moment
The bench across the sea too at another
I carry the gaze, the silence, the unknown thought
To walk along with me, to reside in me
Till i find the next home.

Relentless fluttering, the heart needs to rest
I lie down in the dew.
Running feet over the pond, breaking the stars' glimpse.
I carry the unwashed fingers, along with the morning fragrance
The feet find the gravels
While i find the next home.

I look for a place, until i reach the final home.

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