Saturday, July 9, 2011

"What's wrong with the day?"

That was the reply to the below statement i tweeted (in case you are wondering what "that"is, i am talking about the title of the post.)
"It is 8/7/2011 today. A day to be written down in history along with the fact that it will not occur again in anybody's lifetime."
And everything after that went downhill.
Waking up as usual at 6am, spending another hour or two cursing in general, not wanting to get up. And it was raining quite heavily. Been raining the whole night. Mustering courage and remembering that i had setup a meeting for 11am, i woke up when dad enquired where was i going and i should take a day off cos its been raining alot. That made me to make up my mind firmer about going to work anyhow. Guess who was going to bite their tongue later.

Got ready, mom packed lunch, quick breakfast and at 8:30am i left home. Railway station is 20mins away from home on foot. Since it was raining and i wanted an auto, i didnt get any. Walked and reached their at 9am. 10 mins more due to teying to not walk through puddles, looking for auto, getting tired, etc.
Didn't catch the 9:02 Churchgate fast cos it would need me to hang at the door and i wasnt really looking forwards to get wet in the rain completely yet. Next was the 9:11am slow, all ladies train. Calculations said i'd reach work just in time.
Train crawled as usual. And then went on to run between halts rather than halts between running. Santacruz, it stood still for more than 15mins. I should be in Dadar at 10:15am and not just midway! I had to change to the next central trwinto Ghatkopar. Panic sets in. Finally 10:45am we are there. I brisk walk to the central slow platform and the 10:30am Ambernath comes at 10:50am. Calls and emails made to office to get meeting rescheduled, work assigned. Matunga passes and train halts. And just stays put. For an hour. There are trains ahead of us and behind on the same track. People start getting down and walking to the next station. I go click pics. Alone so i keep tweeting and he occupied with something. It took the train 1hr 15mins to cover distance of about 5mins. The rescheduled call is canceled and what will i do if the train doesnt move scare takes over. Sion passes finally. The tracks were submerged undrr water. Some lady advices against getting down there since its a slow station and it would be better to go to Kurla whetr we could get the fast trains which were still running towards Dadar. Had given up the plan to go to work and jist get back home. Frigging 3+hrs and still counting. Got off at Kurla and the return trip was easier and thankgod not much delay. Got down at my station at 2:15pm. Walked home and reached by 2:50pm. All the hours in between was spend in traon, on platforms, walking. Knocked the door and joined in the laughter addressed to me.

That was wrong with the day.

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