Thursday, July 14, 2011


I write this sitting in a Mumbai local train, on my way to work. Its been raining the whole night and there were 3 bomb blasts last evening. Right now I am more worried about how is the central line faring. Life as an entity really doesn't stop living. We loose it but it lives. In someone else. In the inanimate objects that are part of our daily lives.
Last evening was scary. I was alone in the whole bunch of people at work. Many just looked up from their workstations when I mentioned about the blasts, called their near & dear ones and went back to work. Total apathy towards strangers? Is it due to the daily crunch of travel, work, deadlines, running around in this big city? City of dreams where dad says you will not go hungry even if you are a ragpicker. Has it made us so jaded and glazed. In our own world of issues and concerns.
I did see many people on twitter extending help, food, shelter for the stranded. Many cursing the system. Many giving their expert analysis about the country's situation, who to blame, what should have been done, etc etc etc. I don't judge anyone on what they talked about or what their opinion was. Its just how we react and comfort ourselves in situations. People kept me company on gtalk, concerned smses, tweets. I took comfort in knowing someone cared about me. I would have wept crazy if I were at home. Office, surrounded by people who kept working (maybe that comforted them) drove me to the edge.
I have lived all my life in Bombay, never lived in any other city in a crisis to know how would they react to things. We have no option other than to move on. I have work to do, meetings to attend, people to yell at.

25yrs and I have lived through a major riot and three bomb blasts. Witness to the riot and 7/11 blast first hand. I never want to get used to this. Bodies strewn on the railway tracks or masked men holding swords in their hands.


  1. This is so true, everyone has a different version to tell, but "fear" is what all have in their hearts .It was overwhelming to see ppl extending help on Twitter, It surely restores our faith in humanity... No one can understand the plight of people who suffer , and the ones who live through it and face it again and again. We are all helpless , eunuchs ruling the country, eunuch in the opposition,all working towards their on personal goals.... leaving us the common man to suffer ... We cant blame ppl who were worried abt their families and resumed work as usual , they have no choice they have a family to feed .

    I dunno if I can do much , but I only hope if terror attacks again , may they chose the mightily protected Politicians this time and not innocent people on the streets...

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