Saturday, July 23, 2011

I want to see the sea

I want to see the sea
But I have been too busy
But really actually too lazy
Still I want to see the sea

Very lousy but yeah I have been wishing to go to the beach or Marine drives since weeks. Its the sound of the waves, the wind in your hair, the smell of the sea that I have been missing. Juhu beach, chowpatty use to be our forthnightly hangout as kids. Eating the bhel, colourful golas, and trying to gather the courage to get in the sea. Now we are all grown up and mother is not obliged to take us out (well except forcing the visits to relatives and such.)

Last night I made up my mind - enough is enough. Tomorrow I will force sisters and we'll go to Charni road. Sit on the promenade whatsitcalled then maybe go shopping too. Yay. I made a plan. Achievement.

Woke up. Not a good nights sleep. Told mom & sisters of the plan and one of the sister agreed. Long story short, 4:30pm we left the house, took the Churchgate fast. Which happens to not halt at Charni Road. So plan change. We go to Churchgate and go to Colaba instead. Now, I have lived alll my life in Bombay but I haven't seen 25% of the city. I haven't really been to Colaba except Navy nagar (not sure its in Colaba). We got down at Churchgate, walked through Fashion street, bought nothing, walked and walked, saw books, I bought two, and we kept walking.

There are too many lanes out there and too many signals. And too many zebra crossing and few people crossing the roads. We kept going in circles. I acted all touristy (sister's words which I put in her mouth). We did ask few cabbies to take us to Colaba but no luck. Did some more shopping. I feel so out of place in that part of town. Maybe I am just too conscious cos I am so clumsy. Dropping things, nervous loud laughter, bla bla.

Decided to go back to churchgate and get back home. He asked what were we doing in the VT side of Churchgate, the opposite side to were we wanted to go. He was nice enough to chat up while he drove so I did not ask him to turn towards Subway where I wanted to get a burger. Let the nice uncle talk. And again ordering food, never let me handle it. Never know where and what to order.

I did see the sea from the train!

Sent via Virar local train's middle second class ladies coach.

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