Saturday, May 21, 2011


Once there was a corporator or MLA or Municipal head of two regions.
One was more like a village and the other quite developed.
And once an argument broke out in between them.
The village-men said "We have open space. What do you have?"
The city folk said "Oh hello, we have BUILDINGS!"
Then the first one said "We have sea facing bungalows." (They actually lived on a small island kind of place.)
The other folks laughed and said "muahahaha what bungalow! You people, that is just a khaadi (quicksand-ish water body or something)." "We have apartments that look where you can look at the sky. (they forgot this was a lame argument since the first one also could look at the sky. Silly)." "Oh and we also have dish tv antennas, and mobile towers, and BIG BIG skyscraper!"
"The bridge, we built to connect you to our world! LET ME DESTROY IT!" And they flew over their helicopters and dropped bombs. The first groups houses crumbled down *since voice travels slower than light KABOOM*
The first group did try to collect and bring their gola-baarood and old fashioned angrezon ke zamaane ke taup, but they had not oiled the wheels and were too late like the bollywood police.
The second grouped muahahaha-ed some more.

Then we all left the tables before we would be thrown out of McD for all the noise we were generating.

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