Sunday, May 1, 2011

I can has a new phone?

The one i am using is on the verge of death. It will be mended, given elixir of a new life and handed down to youngest sister. But i need a new one to be that generous elder sister.

The one i am talking about, is the one i ever bought with my hard earned money. You do know how hard it is to earn money. And make parents agree that one is old enough to spend that money. Yes, you do know. If you don't oh you have missed so much. I am telling you. You better agree. And it has lived with me through rain and waterfalls. Through falls on the railway station platform and hanging at the trains door. Through crammed purses and pockets.

So about getting a new phone. I am confused. I have used a Nokia since long. But i hear that the OS they use is not as cool as the Droid. Hello, where are the loyalists? I would like to be one cos it is easier. Lets keep it simple, no. Why give me so many options. Or just give me a unanimous decision. How i just had to tell the uncle my requirements and he bought me the bestest one.

Oh well. Until the decision is made, i shall really tape the phone and continue using it. People who actually read what i tweet won't forget the 3 weeks of "MizzingZevenKey" language i used. @siddev18 and @confuseusSay tell they miss it but i guess @mujib & @yearofRat would be thankful. It gave bleedy eyes.
@BasioMeusPuga called it the toothless gansta. \o\
@0omparadar learned the language with me, *muah* babes.
Woe betide me! How many bleedy eyes did @doppelhanger get! Just two. Plus the glasses.
@mezzotinto and i are jointly collaborating with Mr. N and Mr. C to make a #kogul dictionary.

And as my bio says #MisplacedSelfImportance i live with =)

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