Tuesday, February 1, 2011


i come here only to rant. when i dont have anyone to bugger. its that time. or maybe i am PMSing. Could be the reason. Why the f*ck i need to rely on people, to listen to me or be my support system. Its so lame. I know it but i do the same. Humans don't learn and all that jazz.
Been home since a week. I am missing work. Missing it a lot. I am not used to being home for so long. Being on a vacation is different but staying home due to an illness, it sucks balls. Turns out i have Neurocysticercosis. No big deal but i have to stay at home for another week. I want to bang my head against some wall. Meds for 2 years! Kill me already someone!
I hope i wont be cursing myself for being so lousy once i return back to work.

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