Monday, December 27, 2010

The puke-bag

I feel like one right now.
You have a problem, come puke it here. I am here to listen to you. Coz I care for you. And you can take that for granted. Just like I take you for granted and start caring about you.
I have many guy friends who tell me stuff they won't share with any other gal or guy too. Coz you don't talk emotions with guys. And other gals are not allowed to see that either.
Did it occur to you that at times even I need a break from being the crying shoulder. No boss, that is not happening. I am a whiner if I do that. I share my issues and I am a cry baby. A bore.
So be it. I know I will be back to normal, listening self. No harms done.

Some day I will let you know I don't like it when you try that mean sarcastic thing on me. I will ask you to FUCK OFF!!

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