Sunday, August 18, 2013

An autobiography [of a dust bin]

So i dreamt someone was yanking at my jaws, trying to dislodge it and i had just fallen asleep is this what nightmares are made up of.

Or better still, i was peacefully asleep in my safe corner when someone yanked at my jaw, almost dislodging it and me from my corner only for me to break in cold sweat and wake up to realise it is still dark outside and no one is really yanking at my jaws. Phew, nightmares.

I really don't mind someone gently nudging my jaws open. Its one of the most important exercises of my day. Jaw open. Jaw close. Jaw open. Like slowing chewing a bubble gum noisily.

But some of those days when you pour all your non-segregated, broken glasses, stale food from a month ago filth i want to leave you. Why is it so difficult for you to see that there is no paper lined and you won't give me a shower anytime soon.

I don't ask much from you, do i. Keep my corner fragranced and i am happy.

[brought to you by the below tweet]

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