Saturday, March 19, 2011

Midnight blabbering

[You]: T!!!!
[ED]: S
[You]: whre are the exclamtions?
[ED]: This is me
[You]: ohhhh
where are the exclamations?
and this is me. thanks for the update.
[ED]: i m me
[You]: and i m me
you be you
i be i
[ED]: of course
unless i am u an u r me
[You]: well for the soul exchange, we need to do some kind of magic no.
and u fancy my worms. DO YOU!
[ED]: hmm may be i ssould download 'charmed' 1st few seasons
[You]: what is that
i think i was trying to learn to torrent that
and i failed
how so unsurprising eet ees
[ED]: i love torrent.. its te closest i hav ever been to aladin's lamp
[You]: what all it gives you
[ED]: ever freakin thing
[You]: i need lectures to attend to learn it
[ED]: i downloaded the original battle star galctica sirca 1979. entire seson I also downloaded their entire seson of automan

1983 an now i am downloading the entire contacts of sephic erotica about 86 gigbytes contants
[You]: and you say you net doesnt work :/:/
[ED]: it takes a few weeks minimum an sometimes a few months
[You]: :/:/
your lappy would be so tired of you
you have been abusing it
khush ho jao it doesnt go to some court
[ED]: well... the "A" key is long since gone, i press the rubber directky
[You]:hahahahhaha..eaten it for breakfast while torrenting something?
[ED]: naa i sleep at breakfst time
[You]: dinner has to be then
jo what have you been up to?
[ED]: just got bac from the wedding. bohra weddings r nice. we went at 9:15
[You]: i know abt the food
[ED]: n finished 9:45
[You]: dinner? food? when
[ED]: fooooooooooooooodddddd
[You]: 30 mins food time? you go only for the food...tsk tsk
[ED]: an it was a family wedding at that
[You]: gaah. so unsocial. be more courteous. and court some ladeej
[ED]: i am overloaded as it is. no actualy am watchin Ghutan. hav u seen it?
[You]: no. overloaded with was for ghutan
[ED]: its all bout this woman who is buried alive by her hubby an his freind.. an well she is unterdstandably pisssed
n is not letting somethng lke death stand in hte wy of her revenge
[You]: so she dug herself out?
[ED]: she bacame a now the freindly obligtory sectrary comes into the pic
[You]: whose secy is she
[ED]: the killer' of course the female servent who witnesed the murder\..its as cliched as it gets
[You]: and you should prolly like it
[ED]: i hav alredy seen it..years back..loved the drop scence in which she gets out of her grave n dreggs him there as well
"c how much i love u. I wil share etenity with U"
[You]: awww...waah. tears in eyes
[ED]: he is diggeng her grave now
weeeeeeeeee this is fun
u hav to see it
[You]: no. i haz a headache. thoda. the worms no likey me work i think...lamers
[ED]: welll. they want t i slack off..u to slack off
[You]: i am doing that..i shoudnt be doing that..a new project i need to handle..n it shud be like perfect only
[ED]: they wil ggo forth n multiply. thats what the bible says
[You]: WHY O.oO.o
[ED]: i dunno i did'nt write it u c
[You]: but you are the all knowin TAhir right
[ED]: yah...
(lots of screaming going on)
[You]: :/:/
you go enjoy your movie
i go make them worms sleep
work 2moro
no sympathies
[ED]: muah muah
(more screams n sniffled i love us in the back ground)
[You]: jejus
[ED]: an of corse hte obligtory flying beds with pretty girl in em
[You]: flying beds O.oO.o
[ED]: of course. an ancient grave yards thrown in for good measure. clichessssssssssssssss galore
[You]: cliche...hahaha..same pinch
i was thinkin ze zame
[ED]: amazing movie. u too. amazng tht is :D:D
[You]: lmao. dont put me in the same cliche art gallery :P:P
[ED]: amazing movie. mazing u :P:P
of course there has to be an obligatory priest s well. an a tantrik to aid him for good measure
[You]: is that a bollywood movie. D/E/F grade?
[ED]: bollywood yes
grde i dunno
it depnds on how much u likes
[You]: you would grade it A on cliche content and F for acting?
[ED]: she speaks with a masculine voice
an is very veyr
does'nt like other women touching her hubby
an oc fourse the obligatory uncle who is always crying that his niece was murdererd
u HAVE to c it
torrent it naa
[You]: i dont know how to O.oO.o
[ED]: download utorrent
its teeny its tiny. but its not lil loony
[You]: ya..dan told me. i haz it downloaded
but the tragedy is my lame net
lamest of the lame
[ED]: well then go to
type what ever u want. click download . let your browser do its job an click yes
bingo. u r good to go
[You]: teach me again when we meet agian. weekend ensure u are around
i needs to go zleep. yawn
[ED]: gnite. sleep tite... dont let the be bugs bite
[You]: headaches now scare me and add more to it
which bug got the gut to bit me!
[ED]: u take care of courself
not gut .. brains
if i were into prayers
i would pray for u
[You]: :):)
thinking is enough already
you also take care
dont see so much A-F movies
you havnt yet taught me a H of History *sniff
[ED]: skype
these days i m doin shivajee
[You]: you take lecture. my new headphone are wow :P:P
chatrapati shivaji maharaj
[ED]: yeah
hte same
spent almost one whol night with him
inersting chap
[You]: lol
[ED]: quite a feminist appentely
i likes
[You]: that they dint teach us in school
yea you would.
[ED]: ws responsible for the bigneng of the end of hte mughal empire
[You]: yup.
[ED]: as a paki of course i m not supposed to know at all
[You]: that perspective of mughal from maratha view is quite a thing
you write a thesis :D:D
well i am not going to let u go without u telling me some history
i'll better be gone now
take care
[ED]: byeeeeeeeeeee

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