Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shall I?

I am out of breathe thinking about you
high on emotions
why cant i just get over you
drown myself, shall i?

keep thinking about you, day and night
why cant i just be lost in the darkness of my heart
hurt myself, shall i?

em trying to leave those memories behind
why cant i stop seeing ur face in everything around
blind myself, shall i?

i cry and cry till there are tears no more
and still u stare back at me
smiling and happy in the arms of some one else
i cant take it anymore
kill myself, shall i?


  1. Hey there! I found this site via Twitter and damn, I love this one, and I'm not even close to literally inclined :P but I relate so much to this, great work - keep them coming :) Cheers

  2. tenku sweetie :D
    this is more like my rant diary hehe. i am not good a writer either. just some musing when i am not upto being the usual chirpy sell (which may or may not be a facade)